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Not even one out of some 18 persons with disabilities affected by the recent tidal waves disaster in the Keta and Anloga Districts, received any of the relief items distributed to victims, DisabilityNewsGH can confirm.

The disabled victims of the disaster lamented that they the most vulnerable in the community were rather left out the relief interventions.

DisabilityNewsGH gathered that for some of them, they were not captured when the initial assessment was made, and so they eventually got left out. And efforts made to draw the attention of the authorities to that situation yielded no results.

We also gathered that some others were captured alright but still did not receive any support.

The Keta Municipal Chairperson of the Ghana Federation of Disability Organizations, Madam Sherita Kudoda confirmed the report to DisabilityNewsGH.

She cited an incident of people stealing some of the items, particularly mattresses, and later offering them for sale.

In November 2021, a tidal waves disaster in the Anloga, Keta and Ketu South municipalities affected thousands of people, destroying their homes and farms.

The incident attracted sympathy from the state and some private institutions and individuals, including the former president, John Dramani Mahama, the Multimedia Group, musician, Edem, producers of cowbell products and the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO).

Disabled victims who were expected to be prioritized rather did not receive anything from the various donors and sympathizers.

Chairperson, Sherita said, she expected that her organization would be contacted for details of the disabled victims and given a special attention, but that never happened.

The Assembly Member for Vui Electoral Area and Chairman of the Dzelukope Zonal Council who played a key role in the distribution of some of the items, expressed shock at the news.

According to Honourable Benjamin Dzordzorme, being a disability rights ambassador, he ensured that persons with disabilities affected were captured.

He, however, noted that the issue of some people not receiving anything could be attributed to the distribution procedure.

He explained that the relief items were shared according to households, rather than individuals.

“If ten mattresses were given to a household that has fifteen people, it is possible that some people would not get some”, he further explained.

That notwithstanding, Hon. Dzordzorme did not rule out the possibility of some of the distributors diverting the items.

Madam Antoinette Fayorse, a mother of a child with albinism, and physically challenged Mr. Moses Tetteh, pleaded with the Government to consider making a special support arrangement for persons with disabilities in the affected area.

SOURCE: DisabilityNewsGH

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