An albinism rights advocacy organization, Engage Now Africa (ENA) says it is open for invitation to educate schools, churches and all other organizations and institutions willing to know about the condition and how to live with people with albinism.

According to the Albinism Programme Coordinator at ENA, Andrews Kwame Daklo, it is very important for public institutions and organisations to know about the condition so they would know how to relate with  their workers or clients with albinism.

Mr. Darklo recalls incidents of children with albinism denied admission to schools because the schools did not know about the condition and how to live with such people.

Mr. Andrews Daklo was speaking in an interview with DisabilityNewsGH on Wednesday October 18, 2023 when his organisation held a sensitization programme for school children at Ridoana Comprehensive School at Atadeka in the Kpone-Kantamanso District of the Greater Accra Region.

1,120 school children and 37 teachers were taught what albinism is, the cause and how to live with and support people with the condition, among other things.

The sensitization programme at the school was necessitated by the admission of a little girl with albinism at the pre-school department of the school.

It was meant to create a friendly and accommodating environment for the child with the condition.

As part of its activities, Engage Now Africa undertakes community sensitization to dispel the many myths about albinism, particular in communities where persons with albinism reside.

The initiative seeks to discourage people from abusing the rights of people with the condition, and encourage them to rather support them.

Since 2017, the organisation has added school sensitization to its activities.

This is due to the fact that the misconceptions about albinism have been passed on from one generation to the other. The organisation is, therefore, seeking to break that circle.

ENA believes that if the children have the right knowledge about the condition, they would not only be helping to educate their peers, but also pass it to the next generation, just as in the case of the misconceptions.

Mr. Daklo says it is very important for churches, and all public institutions and organisations to seek knowledge about the condition, even if they do not immediately have employees or school children with the condition, in the case of educational institutions.

He notes that having a foreknowledge about the condition would help avert the situations of people with albinism denied admission or employment opportunities on the basis of their skin colour.

He is, therefore, urging organisations and institutions whose operations or services are open to the public to invite them for sensitization.

Engage Now Africa can be reached via or call on 0541-20 83 85, or ENGAGE NOW AFRICA GH on all social media.



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