The Tema branch of the Ghana Society of the Physically Disabled (GSPD), in partnership with Meena Breast Cancer Awareness Project, has organised breast screening for its members.

The exercise which took place on Friday, August 25, 2023, was one of some healthcare programmes planned by the leadership of the association for its members.

According to the Tema chairman of GSPD, Mr. Reuben Aboanor, the screening exercise was to ensure that their members are protected from the deadly breast cancer, thereby, saving them from double trouble.

He explains that most of their members are not economically engaged and, therefore, struggle to fend for themselves. And so, a situation such as breast cancer will make life extra difficult for any affected person.

He reveals that they will be organising more such health screenings for their members periodically, including prostate cancer screening for the men.

Mr. Aboanor admonishes persons with disabilities to take their healthcare seriously and stresses good eating habits and diets.

He says, that considering that many persons with disabilities, particularly the physically disabled sit a lot and do not do much vigorous activities, they would have to avoid eating late in the evening to escape sicknesses such as Diabetes and others.

He urges them to eat early to allow for proper digestion before they go to bed, while also advising them to take more fruits and vegetables.

Mr. Aboanor appeals to the general public and benevolent organisations to come on board to support their subsequent exercises.



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