Transformational Empowerment and Rural Integration in Africa (TERIA) with its core mission of empowerment, has come up with an initiative to empower persons with disabilities in the country.

The initiative, Community Talent Search, started in March 2023, as a pilot project within the Greater Accra, Central, Eastern, Volta and Northern regions.

The project is aimed at empowering people with disabilities to unlock their potential and deliver real change in society.

Community Talent Search is creating a platform for PWDs to showcase such talents as singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, arts and crafts, sports, and any other talents.

According to TERIA, disability should not be a hindrance to success.

It believes that with a positive attitude from PWDs, self-confidence, and support from society, disabled persons can achieve anything they want in life.

Interested persons in the Community Talent Search are expected to send a 3-minute video of themselves performing to the following WhatsApp numbers: 0244759002/0207046422.

Members of the society are encouraged to support PWDs they know with such talents to participate.


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