The project, unveiled at the Bank’s Head Office in Accra, will be implemented by Sightsavers Ghana and Challenges Ghana, with the goal of equipping young people with the skills and resources needed to thrive in the workforce and establish successful businesses. 

The employability skills training component, targeting graduates aged 18 to 35 in Accra, will be delivered by Sightsavers. Participants must be proficient in computer use and internet access. The entrepreneurship component, led by Challenges Ghana, will train 30 entrepreneurs, including 15 with disabilities in Accra, who operate businesses addressing societal, environmental, and climate challenges. Both programmes will run for three years.

The employability skills model features four weeks of training, six months of mentorship from HR professionals and industry experts, and coaching to help participants secure employment opportunities. The entrepreneurship model will provide financial support to businesses demonstrating growth potential following the training.

The RISE/E project builds on the success of the Standard Chartered Foundation’s “Future Makers” programme, which was introduced in 2019 to support young people, especially women, through employability, entrepreneurship, and education initiatives. RISE/E represents the next level of the Foundation’s commitment to social impact, with a key focus on inclusivity for people with disabilities.

“Beyond providing employability opportunities and supporting micro businesses run by people with disabilities, we aim to raise awareness about inclusivity and encourage other companies to embrace diversity and create programmes tailored to the needs of this community,” said Madam Asieduwaa Adei, Head of Corporate Affairs, Brand, and Marketing at Standard Chartered Bank.

Sightsavers International Country Representative, Mr. David Agyemang, confirmed that publicity for the project will begin in early July, inviting interested individuals to enroll. He urged unemployed persons with disabilities to seize this opportunity.

Madam Pearl Emefa Siale, Programmes Lead for RISE/E, emphasised the importance of inclusive structures for people with disabilities, stating that Ghana must join the global movement towards a more inclusive society.

Standard Chartered Bank is among the few private companies actively working to develop the potential of people with disabilities in Ghana and employing them. The bank collaborates with the Ghana Federation of Disability Organisations and Sightsavers to host an annual job fair, which brings together employers and job seekers with disabilities. The event aims to educate employers on inclusive employment policies to reduce poverty among people with disabilities and create a platform for immediate job interviews.



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  1. I am Helevi Frank I am in to agribusiness and a person with disability I am interested in the program thank you

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